Friday, 25 March 2011


We had few problems with our titles thats why I've decided to make a separate post. After looking through the LiveType gallery of various typefaces and fonts and all of the transitions we've decided that we will use something simple, like in "The Stepfather". We choose a font (...) which is quite simple, serif font. We also wanted to keep the colour plain i.e. black. Unfortunately we didn't have the background in our footage light in all of the scenes which created a problem of the titles being hard to spot. We tried making them bigger or moving them around the screen but it didn't work. This was mainly because then they were too eye-catching, grabbing the viewers attention while the movie was in the background, unnoticed. We put the titles in the order that we've discussed few lessons back. There is a sheet that i've posted a while back with a list of titles that should appear in the opening sequence(right). I'm glad that I did post it because it was very useful when creating the titles and also few other groups asked me about this list. :)

After sleeping on it we had a great idea on how to make some of the titles bolder. We could use contrasting(white) borders around the letters. We thought about this idea earlier but then it sounded tacky. We opened FinalCut Pro (through which we were adding the titles) and we tried to add those borders but we couldn't find any options that would allow us to do it. Thats when I came up with an idea of using two layers of titles, one white and a size bigger(left) and the other one black. This would both, give us the borded as well as a cool effect which would be impossible to do with normal borders. This white layer wasn't right behind each letter which made this kind of 3D look which i personally liked very much. (down)

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