Sunday, 20 March 2011

Filming, finally over....

Well, just like the title suggests, we have completed filming. The phrase better late than never comes to mind :-)
although, the storyline is still pretty awful, both the group and I believe that we can edit this to make it seem pretty kool.
Maybe backwards? hmm. That's not a bad idea actually, it could be like a less eventful version of 'momento'? lol

Konrad 'On Set'
Anyway, filming wasn't the most exciting thing in the world, I'm pretty sure that everyone had lost any scrap of enthusiast we had left. The fact that we were in a cemetery didn't help either, but on the positive side, we got our filming done, and we have just under 5 days to edit and make an opening to the best of our ability.
We had a slight disagreement as we were leaving, it was over the silliest thing and I really don't know why we made into such a big fuss but oh well. Noone wanted to take the camera to college the following morning.. so typical teenage laziness took over and we all went sour about the situation. But hopefully, tomorrow there will be noo awkwardness =/ lol

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