Thursday, 10 March 2011

Preparing to film some mooreee!

As we have changed our storyline, yet AGAIN, we have decided to cut the fact that our main guy is walking to work and then visiting his wife's grave, and have him walking to the grave right away instead.
SMART right??
buutttt, we have a problemooo, where are we going to find a nice looking graveyard that we would be able to film in??
 Well, after doing some ammaazing research in Mondays lesson, we found a few decent looking graveyards, one of which was 'New Southgate' cemetery and crematorium.
 When we rung them up and got referred to the manager, she asked us to write her an e-mail containing the details of our wonderful plan, so that's exactly what we did...

So after emailing her... we quickly ran to book cameras for the weekend... then, the rest of our group kindly reminded me that we had already done  that =\ WHoopS!

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