Saturday, 5 March 2011


Well, it seems we have come to a point in our lives where our hard work and effort and planning is finally being put to use. Now, lets just hope this goes well!
Our first day of filming was the Wednesday 2nd of March, and it definitely was one of the most nerve racking moments of my life. For some reason, our group had a nervous sense of confidence as we strolled into our pre-booked set. The Hotel.
As you can see in the pictures that we have, it was quite a swanky looking place, so of course we all put our professional, polite faces on as we walked through the sliding doors. The first thing we done was to watch Konrad get changed... LOL. Definitely not as creepy as it sounds....
So, after Konrad (our leading man) gets into character, we decide what shots we are going to film. We decided to follow our animatic storyboard, and open with the shot of our guy coming out the lift. After doing a few shots and nearly falling over a plant pot - Yes, we definitely should have added 'filming while walking backwards' to the risk assessment.
Thankfully my nearly fall wouldn't have been as bad as this guys....
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So, after finishing slightly ahead of schedule, we decided to set off to our next location....Millenium bridge!
As we weren't really sure about how we would put our theory to plan in this huuuugee location, we decided to got and plan what we would be doing in the environment. So, in the freezing cold, we decided to make Konrad walk up and down, filming him!  Ahh the joys of media studies!

After getting a basic idea of our plan for the next few weeks, we decided to head back to college and watch our amazing footage!
Partly due to the fact that we were all almost definitely about to suffer from frostbite or pneumonia...

But! All is well, and we shall obviously keep you updated on our filming antics!

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