Friday, 21 January 2011

About....Our mini movie

Unfortunately, I wasn't available the day of the filming for the task, however I would like to think that I had a key role in the editing of it, especially when it came to the sound.
Although I wasn't there, I knew that the group would take a wide variety of shots, including close ups, long shots, mid close ups and mid close ups.
The basic idea of the movie was that the main character (played by Ryan) goes to look at the 'Page 3' of the newspaper 'The Sun.' This light-hearted comedy theme was emphasised by the up beat funky music beat in the back ground. We used an equally past paced style of editing which created a sort of montage effect to the film, I believe it brought the movie a more 'teen' vibe and more urban feel/ atmosphere.
To edit and add music to our movie we used 'final cut pro,' which at first seems quite complicated, but just like everything once you get the hang of it, life becomes eaassyyy :-)

Sadly, our equipment didn't look as high-tech as this picture below but... it'll give you an idea about how cool our editing corner was.   =P

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