Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Thrilling Opening...BOO!

The opening I Chose to watch is 'Taking of Pelham 123' made in 2009, this Action Thriller seems to have quite a long opening. However, despite its length, the opening doesn't reveal much about the films storyline.

The first thing you hear in the film is a sound of a train, which appears to be a huge part of the storyline (as far as I can tell), this immediately creates an image of a city in the viewers mind. The audience feels like they know that the film will be fast paced and action packed -these are stereotypically what thriller films in a city would be. Then , as the picture increases in size, it gives the sense that the audience is getting pulled into the movie making them feel involved - like a fly on the wall of the towering skyscrapers.
Suddenly the bass drone slow music is replaced by louder, faster hip-hop music and the picture shows a fast forwarded clip of a main road in now York, then slowly focusing on three suspiciously daunting looking men.
It then focuses on a more light-hearted scene at the train control centre which seems to contrast the other men.
The opening clearly has a way of keeping an audience on edge, it gives them enough information to hook them  to the film but not enough information to know what's going on and what might happen.

It seems that this is clearly what our group must do to have a successful, enticing opening scene.

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