Monday, 24 January 2011

RESEARCH: Font Analysis

To practice our connotation and denotation skills we had to analyse the font used in a poster for a movie. My group had to analyse the font for "BIG Mommas House" which is a comedy film. This can be clearly seen by looking at the picture but if you look closely at the font it shouts COMEDY. On the right there is the actual poster and our notes on it and on the left there are the same notes but only with a close up of the title to show that the title/font itself can tell the audience so much even if the message is just subliminal. The font is large, red and in different sizes which would be very unusual for any other film genre. The 'B' and 'G' in BIG may suggest female anatomy because of the unnatural (for a font) curviness and the fact that there are no spaces between characters in the word 'momma's' and 'house' can suggest the main character being too big to fit anywhere or it may relate to the fact that he's wearing a costume and so is the font.

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