Wednesday, 19 January 2011

RESEARCH&PLANNING: Practice film 1

Our Mini Movie

Last week we had a task to plan, draw a storyboard, film and edit a boring, everyday action and make it more exciting. We had to make reading a newspaper (not so exciting activity) enjoyable to watch. On the 12th of January we only managed to plan and film our sequence and today we finished our piece.

We chose and cut the shots so that the sequence looks professional and  flows really well without any unexplained, sudden movements. We also cut the shots to different lengths so that there is more movement and action as our actor (Ryan - Group 19) reads a newspaper.

We also added background music which we had to convert in Quicktime player from .mp3 format to .mov or .aiff format which is more compatible with Final Cut Pro.

Lastly we used software to change the quality of our movie so that we could upload the video online. We kept the original file on the hard drive.

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