Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Font analysis: example.

For analysing anything, mail things we need to highlight are the Denotations and the Connotations.
Denotations is what the image/movie actually shows and what an audience can actually see and feel is apparent.
For example, a denotation of the picture on the right is; a grey scale picture of a hooded person than is sitting alone by a sea.
Connotations are what the stimulus may implicate or mean in a particular scenario. Connotations are subjective and change depending on the person that is connoting the piece.
For example, I would connote this picture by saying that, it is a lonely man sitting alone near water, the bland colours emphasise his loneliness and create a bleak and cold atmosphere.

To work on our skills of connoting and denoting fonts for films, in groups we did just that. Our group's movie poster was 'The fast and furious.' And on the left is a picture of our acctuaall work :-)

Here are some examples of our connotations and denotations:

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