Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Title sequence analysis: James bond ;-)

When choosing a specific title sequence to analyse, I had a good long think...for about 4 seconds.
I thought 'hey, why not choose a film which is renown for its opening titles?' What comes to mind?
"Bond, James bond."
As a result I watched and chose to write about the film James Bond:Quantum of Solace.
The film has a distinct title sequence, looking and sounding more like a music video than a title sequence. This unique aspect segregates the opening section of the film and makes it more memorable and entertaining.
Lacking originality, the sequence starts off with the distribution company then, the main actor's name (Daniel Craig), followed by the writer and the actual title of the movie as shown above.

As the rest of the Titles appear, it seems to just be written over the 'story,' appearing in the spaces that lack much attention, drama and detail. For example, the 'sand dune transition' during the title of the actor Giancarlo Giannini contains lots of long shots and establishing shots which show the audience the setting for most pf the ilm, however they don't realise this at the moment. This helps give them a sense of familiarity when at the scenes set in this area, maybe emphasising the sense of shock when danger comes round the corner.

What appeals to me about this opening is the 'music video' feel, although towards the end it feels a bit drained and long. It is a great introduction to the film, and this section is made to open and reach out to all types of audiences, going further than the stereotypical overweight man who secretly wishes to become a spy, that watches these movies.

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