Tuesday, 25 January 2011

T.y.p.e.s. of openings.......

there are many different types of movie openings,
Firstly there is the 'narrative opening with the tittles running throughout,' this is probable one of the simplest and most popular openings and is used in films such as 'The stepfather,' and 'Panic room.'

Then, there is the discrete title sequence, where the title sequence is a different and separate section of the film, films that include this are films such as 'Se7en,' 'Enemy of the state' and the 'James Bond,' films.

Another style of opening sequence is the very unimaginative 'titles over a blank screen followed by a narrative' opening. If used well, this can cause a very creepy and tense atmosphere as shown in the opening of the film 'Donnie Darko.'

The final type of opening is the 'Highly stylised edit that is distinct from the rest of the film.' this is usually used in action and fast paced film to grab the audiences attention straight away. it is seen in films 'the taking of Pelham 12,' and 'Mesrine.'

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