Wednesday, 26 January 2011

RESEARCH: Opening Sequence Analysis

The Art of the Title Sequence is a website showing the world the beauty of title sequences as well as how and why they were made this way. Designers themselves are answering questions and discussing their work.

I have chosen randomly, a title sequence of a new movie that I have't seen before and analysed it. I wanted to choose something that I haven't seen before so that I wouldn't know what will happen in the movie and so that I'll describe the aspects of the title sequence more fairly, showing my first impressions of the movie.
I've decided to analyse title sequence of "Blue Valentine"

Most of the titles are against a black background which makes the audience concentrated on the right things at the right time. 

From the title it seems that it will be a romantic movie but it doesn't seem that way when the movie starts. The opening is very dark. We can barely see anything on the screen. Lights or fireworks to be more precise are the only things that allow us to see whats hidden behind the darkness. The fireworks are slow at the beginning and they show only parts of still images. 

The music is slow and quite calm at the beginning, it sounds a bit sinister but not enough to make it a horror. It was more of a dramatic music, quite sad but it quickly picked up pace and literally exploded when the title appeared. We could see this picture much clearer showing two lovers kissing ;) As I've watched the opening sequence it seemed a little bit like a music video. Whenever the music got faster, the fireworks got bigger and more impressive. Also the images behind the fireworks showed happier 
moments that it did when the music was slower and the image was darker. In conclusion I think that it was a really good opening sequence but the use of still images made it a little bit slow. I think that this movie is a romance but with bits of mystery or drama which is indicated by the covering of the images and the music.

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