Sunday, 23 January 2011

Introduction to: Cameras

The other day we had a lesson introducing us to cameras. To make our film we're going to use cameras. Obviously. I was excited. Because one of the reasons I chose media was that I knew we were going to be using cameras. I love using them. And I liked the fact that we got an inside look of how a movie works and being on the other side of the camera.

What I learnt:
  • The basic functions of the camera i.e on/off, zooming, AF/MF, play back etc.
  • How to use a tripod
  • The main rules when using a camera
  • How to take different shots
There were alot of things I learnt that I didn't know before, because I haven't really used a professional camera like the ones we used in the lesson. But as we were going through it, I got more and more excited and was itching to get my hands on one.

When we finally got one, we were given a task to make a mini movie. We had to take an average (well boring) task and make it a much more exciting one by using different camera shots, editing and sound. When we were filming, I was actually a bit confused when we we began because we had all the ideas down on a storyboard, but you had to film everything in a different order than to how it would be in the final cut.
Our task to make someone reading a newspaper more exciting. I actually enjoyed making it, from the storyboarding (which was my least favourite bit) to editing. Konrad and I were the 'directors' and Ryan was our actor. The process itself was entertaining as we filmed it in the library and people's reactions to the camera were quite entertaining.
Overall, I have come to this conclusion. I like filming.

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