Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Title Sequence

In class, we were asked to analyse a given title sequence. Group 16 were analysing the political thriller 'Enemy of The State' starring Will Smith. Our first instruction was to state the production distribution companies, however in the opening sequence we watched, it didn't show the names of any. We eventually came to a conclusion that the names must have been cut off before the clip got put onto Youtube and were told that the production and distribution companies names and logos are shown before the the movie begins.

We were then asked to list the information that the movie did give us, this includes:

  • The name of the film
  • The main actors
  • Casting, Musical  and photographic directors
  • Costume and production designers
  • Editors
  • Executive producers
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Director
We also made not to where in the clip the title of the film appeared. As you can see from the film above, the title is the first thing you see, according to our class, this is quite unusual.

Here is a timeline of the video showing where in the video specific things were shown. This should give us a general idea of where to put titles in our own film.

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