Monday, 17 January 2011



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LiveType is a very useful tool to create titles in a movie. There is a variety of fonts as well as animations, backgrounds and other effects. Using this software can make the title sequence look much more professional if used properly. The screenshots show some of the basic options such as changing colour, size and font of text. 

There are hundreds of effects to chose from. Many very cheesy and cliche (never to be used) effects but some if used well might look very impressive. Most of the animations and textures are not good enough to put on our final movie because too much is happening making the whole sequence unprofessional.

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What I like about this program is the ability to edit almost every aspect of the title such as the lengt of the animation, size and transition of a particular letter or a whole word. It is easy to put the title at the right place by putting the rough copy of the movie in the background and aligning the titles and then simply exporting only the titles.

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