Saturday, 22 January 2011

The analysis of a title sequence

Enemy of the state. The opening sequence. one minute and fourty eight seconds of organised chaos.
When we create our own opening sequence, we would obviously have to add in who produced and starred in it, and where else to put it but in the opening. So as well as scaring the wits out of the audience in some way, we are also going to tell them who was a part of it.

In class, we had to watch this and note down all the different people who were listed. The production a distribution companies came first, of course, but in this specific clip, we came to the decision that someone had cut them out. Why? No idea. But the people that we did see in the clip were:
  • The name of the movie (of course. otherwise you would be watching an untitiled movie. how are suppose to rant on about the movie to others if you don't know the name?)
  • The Actors (well, not all of them. but the ones with the most lines. also known as the main characters. these tend to have the most famous celebrities because they would play the main role. in this case, it would be Will Smith)
  • Directors (not the director director, but the directors of things like casting, photography and music. they play a huge part in the movie because without them there would basically be no movie.)
  • Designers (they are amazing. you have to admit. the costume and production designers make the movie look 'normal' or as if it was happening on any day. they do a good job of it. their hiring costs would tell you.)
  • Editors (because then you would be watching reels and reels of failed stunts and messed up lines.)
  • Producers (execitive producer. then the actual producer. it seems as though the order becomes opposite as to how it began. from here it will go low to high)
  • Writer (there would be no amazing and flawless script if it wasn't for these guys.)
  • Director (this person always gets the last opening credit because if he hadn't had a sudden idea that could 'possibly take off' there would be no action thriler movie for us to watch. and how sad would that be.)

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